IEEE ComSoc International Communications Quality and Reliability Workshop
8 October 2020 // Virtual Conference

BlueJeans Instructions for Attendees

Below are instructions for Attendees to join and enjoy a BlueJeans Event (or, watch our training video or view the guide).

  • From your invitation click Join Event.
  • Clicking the Join Event button takes you to several join options:
    • From a computer (all browsers are supported but we recommend Attendees join with Chrome Browser for the best experience and to provide a seamless transition when promoting to presenter level using raise hand feature), or
    • From a room system, or

If enabled by the event host, the option to dial into the event from a telephone. Note: joining from both computer and telephone simultaneously might lead to audio and lip sync issues.

BlueJeans Join Event

  1. If content is being shared, you can expand your screen to full view
  2. When screens/presentations are shared, attendees with HTML5 enabled will have a slider bar to zoom between the participant videos and screen share content.
  3. Raise your hand if you want to be promoted to Presenter level. View instructions for requesting Presenter level access. If the Moderator approves your request, you will be able to speak and be seen, but not share your screen or answer a question (from Q&A).
  4. Chat with all participants, or just with the moderator (one-on-one). View instructions for chatting.
  5. Respond to survey and questionnaire polls the moderator posts.
  6. Ask questions during the event and receive answers from event moderators and presenters. View instructions for asking questions.

BlueJeans Attendee View